Whaaaat? Sunglasses and Earrings in one?  Seriously?! Yes, yes they are.

 We know you have a lot of questions.  Like, how they stay on?  Well, the weight of the crystals holds the frames in place.  You can walk with them, dance with them and generally receive constant compliments wearing them.

At night, they don't go on your head and pull your hair out.  They don't get tucked into your shirt or set down somewhere and get lost.  The frames go behind your neck and the chains are tied together so you are now the proud owner of a crystal necklace that you will also get constant compliments on.  

We are the ONLY line of sunglasses that transforms your eyewear into earrings and a necklace. Three accessories in one for the price of one!  Our lenses are all UV protected, our crystals handpicked with love and our products handmade in Los Angeles.